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Columbia 400

As the fastest single-engine, fixed-gear production aircraft, the Columbia 400 is capable of 235 KTAS at 25,000’ MSL. The aircraft is powered by a twin-turbo 310 HP Continental TSIO-550-C engine. This high-performance composite aircraft was originally produced by Lancair and certified as the LC41-550FG. Our training course for the Lancair Columbia 400 is three days for most pilots.

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Columbia 350

The Columbia 350 is a normally aspirated high-performance aircraft featuring a glass cockpit and composite airframe. Based on the successful Lancair Columbia 300 airframe, the 350 features upgraded avionics and various design improvements. The aircraft is equipped with the 310 HP Continental IO-550-N powerplant, and certified in 2003 as the LC42-550FG.

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Columbia 300

The Columbia 300 is a high-performance composite aircraft powered by a 310 HP normally aspirated Continental IO-550-N. Originally developed by Lancair as the LC40-550FG, the 300 was certified in 1998. The Lancair Columbia 300 cruises at a comfortable 190 KTAS at 75% power. Our Columbia 300 training is tailored to the needs and experience of the individual pilot.

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Columbia Recurrent Training

Aircraft owners and pilots recognize that safety is not guaranteed by simply taking a flight with a CFI once every one to two years. HPA’s clients commonly request more recurrent training than what is required by the FAA. Our clients are focused on maximizing their safety and proficiency in their aircraft. Take your flying skills to the next level with our ongoing recurrent training program.

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Insurance Approved Training for Columbia Aircraft

High Performance Aviation, LLC provides flight and ground training in all Columbia and Lancair Columbia aircraft, including those with traditional panels (“steam gauges”), Avidyne Entegra avionics, and Garmin G1000 glass cockpits.

If you are looking for a Columbia Factory Trained Instructor, you will find that Cessna’s FITS Accepted Instructor Program (CFAI+) replaced the Columbia factory instructor program, as Cessna purchased Columbia in late 2007. Although the CFAI program has also since been discontinued, HPA continues to offer the same high standards of ground and flight training to our clients with highly trained instructors.

For Columbia training in aircraft with “steam gauges” or Avidyne avionics, we can arrange for insurance-approved training as well.

As an active participant in the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Club (CAAC) and Cessna/Columbia Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training (CAART), our training includes procedures and techniques acceptable to manufacturers, insurance companies, and industry experts.

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