Tach Bhati
Parkersburg, West Virginia (KPKB)

Cessna TTx Initial Transition Training

May 31, 2016

I just purchased a new TTX, and wanted to train with the group with the best reputation and undoubtedly it was the HPA group. The course certainly lived up to its reputation and I highly recommend it to anyone considering transitioning to a high-performance airplane. My instructor Gentry, was fantastic, incredibly professional and knowledgeable.

Aircraft Type: 2014 Cessna T240 TTx / Garmin G2000

Ross Wycoff
Houston, TX (KEFD)

Cessna 400 Corvalis TT - Flight Review

I flew with Skip for my bi-annual flight review. After being out of the left seat for a couple of months, Skip’s teaching techniques were just what I needed to rebuild my confidence. He has the ability to convey the vast amount of knowledge he has flying the Columbia/Cessna 400 without overwhelming the student. Based on my time with Skip, I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain experience and practical knowledge in the 400 or G1000 cockpit.

Aircraft Type: 2008 Cessna 400 Corvalis TT / Garmin G1000

Greg H.
Cessna TTx Transition Training, Fort Myers, FL

Cessna TTx Transition Training and BFR

Dec. 6, 2016

Compared to other training, High Performance Aviation is a notch above and highly recommended. Skip was fantastic!! He exceeded my expectations. Skip was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient. It was a great experience and I feel very confident now flying my new Cessna TTx.

Aircraft Type: 2014 Cessna TTx Garmin 2000

Rob M.
Houston, Texas (KTME)

Flight Review (BFR)

I found the HPA team to be efficient with my time and they provided solid training. Skip is a great instructor and brings a wealth of knowledge missing with most instructors these days. The team fit me in on a tight timeline and delivered. Doesn’t get better than that!

Aircraft Type: 1978 Cessna 177B Cardinal

Bill Kiker
Beaumont, Texas

Advanced GPS Avionics Training

The training on the GNS 480 was exactly what I needed to be able to start my IFR training. I appreciate the effort you made to be prepared… The 2 hours I spent with you was extremely productive.

Your professionalism and the way you handled the training really sets you apart.

Aircraft Type: Piper Turbo Arrow III / Garmin GNS 480 (Apollo CNX80)

Allen Mathews
Colorado Springs, Colorado (KCOS)

Columbia 400 Initial Transition Training

Brandon’s knowledge of the Columbia 400 and the Garmin G1000 were outstanding. This in-depth knowledge plus his very professional manner made learning this technically advanced aircraft very enjoyable. I highly recommend HPA for TAA training.

Aircraft Type: 2006 Columbia 400 / Garmin G1000

Bob Klee
KJWN Nashville, TN, KIMT Iron Mountain, MI

Cessna 182/400 and Garmin Systems Training

Brandon was my instructor two times last year. Back in April 2008, before I even had my private pilot ticket, when I picked up a new 182T in Independence and had two days of FITS training with him. Then to my surprise, he was in Bend last December when I picked up my 400 and had both ground school and 5 hours of flying with him and 5 hours in the back seat while he took a friend of mine through his FITS training.

I cannot say enough about his training methods and knowledge of both the 182/400 and the Garmin Systems. I learned so much both times. I had over 180 hours using the G1000 when I went to Bend to pick up my 400 and Brandon taught me there was much to learn still. [FYI: Due to moving, I’ve had 7 instructors in getting my private and instrument rating this past year. Thus, I’ve had the “advantage” of comparing many different types of teaching skills.] Hands down, Brandon knows his stuff and is good at teaching what he knows so one can understand and perform the tasks.

Aircraft Type: 2008 Cessna 400

Robert N.
Spring, Texas (KDWH)

Cessna 182T Skylane Initial Transition Training

When I needed to get G1000 transition training, I had planned to receive the training from the factory. I was not able to get scheduled within a reasonable amount of time, so someone told [me about] High Performance Aviation. I spoke with Brandon, and he promptly got me scheduled for a time and place that was convenient for me. [Skip] did a very good job of helping me to practically understand what I needed to know, and at the end of the training period I was very comfortable operating the G1000 in the normal situations. I will use HPA for my future training needs.

Aircraft Type: 2012 Cessna 182T / Garmin G1000

Bart Horner
Plentywood, MT

Recurrent Training

HPA has taken me from zero hours to PPL, Instrument Rating and additional proficiency during the previous 12 months. I have accumulated 425 hours in that period – all in a SR22T/G. I highly recommend HPA for transition training to a high performance piston single engine airplane.

Aircraft Type: Cirrus SR22T

M. Todd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cirrus Transition Training

HPA delivered the exact training I was hoping to get. Brendan was very professional, prepared, and had a very positive attitude. I enjoyed the training.

Aircraft Type: 2007 Cirrus SR22 / Avidyne Entegra / Dual Garmin 430s

Seth Riklin
Sugar Land, Texas (KSGR)

Columbia 400 Recurrent Training

As a Columbia 400 owner, being able to rely on training with Brandon and Skip assures me that I am being trained by two of the most knowledgeable people about my plane.

Aircraft Type: Columbia 400 / Garmin G1000 / GFC 700 Autopilot

Ian Shere
Buckeye, Arizona

Aircraft Purchase

October 11, 2015

Brandon and his team were great. Being first-plane buyers, we were totally clueless as to what went on when buying a plane. Brandon organized the relevant paperwork and worked with us regarding the deposit (money was “in transit” and we didn’t have the full required deposit immediately). Just a few days before closing, we discovered the Garmin databases in the GPS were expired making the flight home impossible under IFR. We ordered the current updates, but had no way of uploading ourselves, and resigned to having to do it on the hand over day. Brandon downloaded and installed them for us the day before meaning we could have a clean “getaway” on the day. And he organized one of his team to collect us at the hotel and take us the 45 odd minutes to the airfield. A great experience!

Thank you!!


Ian Shere
Director & Web Designer
Citrus Kiwi Web Design

Aircraft Type: 1977 Bellanca Super Viking 17-30A/Garmin GTN 750 with WAAS

T. Stanfield
Santa Ana, CA

Cessna 400 Transition Training

Dec. 8, 2016

The Cessna 400 training with Skip was excellent. He was both serious and fun which made the intensive training go by quickly. As I have flown on my own I feel confident and prepared and he has been available when questions come up.

Aircraft Type: 2009 Cessna 400

Mike Defee
Beaumont, TX (KBPT)

Cessna TTx Transition Training

January 15, 2016

Before you ever think about flying the Cessna TTX, you need to take the training that HPA offers on this amazing plane. I would never want to set foot in this plane without the training that I got from Skip Warren! The training I received is beyond what I have received from anyone else! Simply Outstanding!

Aircraft Type: 2015 Cessna T240 TTX

Bill Workman
KCXO, Conroe, TX

Cirrus SR22 Instrument Proficiency Check / Avidyne

This young man is a very good instructor. Very good. Very thorough, polite and knowledgeable. My insurance required an IPC check ride and Brandon did a great job with the ground and flight training. I was challenged and he was very supportive explaining the reason behind every request. I HIGHLY recommend Brandon for any type of recurrent training. There is no better feeling than being put through your paces by a professional and living up to the challenge. It really gave me a feeling of confidence not cockiness and that is what I believe we all need before we take off with family and friends in our beautiful aircraft.

Aircraft Type: 2003 Cirrus SR22

Seth Riklin
Sugar Land, Texas

Columbia 400 Recurrent Training

Brandon Ray has as much knowledge about the Columbia and Cessna 400 as any CFII in America. His knowledge and relaxed teaching style gave me the confidence that I can safely handle all of the superior performance the plane offers.

Aircraft Type: 2006 Columbia 400 / Garmin G1000

M. Skaggs
Knoxville, Tennessee

Cessna TTx Initial Transition Training

November 18, 2015

Skip was excellent. The training was excellent. His effort was incredible. His only goal was to help me be a better and safer pilot by teaching me the correct use of the equipment and repetitions. Thanks.

Aircraft Type: 2013 Cessna TTx T240 / Garmin G2000

David Warden
Houston, Texas

Columbia 400 Aircraft Acceptance and Delivery

Skip and Brandon run a very focused, time-efficient, and professional operation. It was a pleasure, and they each “go the extra mile” in making the experience worth the time and money.

Aircraft Type: 2006 Columbia 400 / Garmin G1000

Ken Aspromonte
Sugar Land, Texas (KSGR)

Cirrus SR22 Recurrent Training

HPA is professional in every aspect of their instruction. Their teaching style and knowledge of the aircraft they’re flying is overwhelming. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their knowledge and getting current in the aircraft they fly.

Aircraft Type: Cirrus SR22 G2 / Avidyne Entegra / Dual Garmin 430s

Jeremy N. Berman
Findlay, OH (KFDY)

Columbia 400 Initial Transition Training

I did transition training on a used Columbia 400 I bought. I can honestly say it was the best aviation training I’ve ever received. His teaching style and comprehensive knowledge of aviation is second to none. I can say without a doubt anyone getting training from Brandon will finish with a sense of accomplishment. Money well spent.

Aircraft Type: 2006 Columbia 400 / Garmin G1000

Craig Simon
Lafayette, Louisiana (KLFT)

Cirrus SR22T Advanced Transition Course

Brandon is a true professional. He is prompt and thorough, as he instructs by the book. I appreciate his professionalism. I highly recommend his services.

Aircraft Type: 2007 Cirrus SR22 Turbo-Normalized / Avidyne Entegra / Garmin 430W / DFC90 Autopilot

Nebraska State Patrol Pilot
Lincoln, Nebraska

Annual Proficiency Training (State Law Enforcement)

I have flown with the G1000 in the Cessna Stationair aircraft for several years now and came away from this training more confident and complete on utilizing the systems to make me a better pilot in the law enforcement role.

Aircraft Type: Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair / Garmin G1000

Ramon Perez
Conroe, Texas (KCXO)

Cirrus SR22 Initial Transition Training

I had the chance to fly with HPA to learn the specifics of the Cirrus and particularly the glass panel. Found the course interesting informative and even fun. I’m looking forward to doing it again as a part of my refresher program every 6 months or so. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

Aircraft Type: 2006 Cirrus SR22 / Avidyne Entegra / Dual Garmin 430s / S-TEC 55x Autopilot

C. Black
North Carolina

Cessna 400 Recurrent Training

After owning my new C400 for a year, the recurrent training and IPC that Brandon gave me made me feel much more confident as PIC. Brandon’s knowledge of the plane and its systems is excellent and his teaching skills are very user friendly. I plan to use Brandon every six months for IPC’s and annually for recurrent training. I would highly recommend that all C400 pilots see Brandon for IPC’s and recurrent training.

Aircraft Type: 2008 Cessna 400 Corvalis TT

Morris M.
Houston, Texas

Cirrus Transition and Instrument Training

December 3, 2015

High Performance Aviation really came through for me. By utilizing different instructors for different aspects of the training, HPA successfully prepared me for my instrument rating. I would highly recommend them.

Aircraft Type: 2010 Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS / Garmin Perspective

Linda Spanos
State College, Pennsylvania

Transition Training from Diamond DA40 to Cessna 400 Corvalis TT

In my transition from flying a Diamond DA40 to a Cessna 400 I find my training from HPA to be invaluable. Brandon knows my aircraft like the back of his hand and is a very thorough teacher. His explanations are very concise. I am amazed at how much we get done during a session. I can feel my confidence level rising. With HPA’s instruction I am broadening my horizons with respect to my flying. I am excited about continuing to learn more and increasing my proficiency.

Aircraft Type: 2008 Cessna 400 Corvalis TT / Garmin G1000

Taylor Norris
Houston, Texas (KAXH)

Aircraft Acquisition Consultation / Aircraft Management

April 30, 2015


I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for introducing me into the aviation world. Upon my decision to become a pilot, I soon realized that I needed much help and assistance to understand the aviation industry, aircraft, maintenance, training and support. After meeting you and explaining my goals, you immediately started exploring opportunities and teaching me some of the basic rules of aviation.

From the start, your communication with me was on point. You knew the exact questions to ask and personally evaluated my options to get to my end goals. You began searching for an aircraft that would meet my needs. From someone in the service industry, I can tell you that High Performance Aviation exemplifies what all service providing companies should be. Not only did you find me an airplane, you did all the homework to ensure we had the right plane for me and the right plan for the future.

Your continuous support after the purchase is second to none and that is the reason you will remain involved in the maintenance, updates and support for my aircraft as well as the current and future training that I will require. The HPA team has by far exceeded my expectations, and everyone at HPA has exemplified the same consistent attitude toward premier customer service. You are my only “go to” with regard to my aviation needs and support. Tell everyone on your staff thank you from me and my family.


Taylor Norris

Chief Executive Officer

Custom Air Products & Services, Inc.

Aircraft Type: 2012 Cessna 182T / Garmin G1000 / WAAS / GFC700

Joshua Brooks
Houston, Texas (KAXH)

Cessna Corvalis TT Initial Transition Training

Just wanted to say thank you again to Brandon Ray of High Performance Aviation for my Cessna Corvalis TT certification. What a professional pilot and organization. Brandon is the best instructor I have ever had in my 20+ years of flying and an all around great person. Their knowledge of type is absolutely amazing. Thank you again guys. I will definitely be back!

Aircraft Type: 2010 Cessna Corvalis TT / Garmin G1000 / GFC 700 Autopilot

Charlie Netterville
Woodville, Mississippi

Cessna 400 Corvalis TT Recurrent Training

I would recommend Brandon Ray to train with. He is very professional and seems to love the business.

Aircraft Type: Cessna 400 Corvalis TT / Garmin G1000 / GFC 700 Autopilot