Cirrus Avionics Differences
This one day factory approved course is designed to transition Cirrus pilots to a different avionics package. If you are upgrading from steam to glass, this is for you. If you are upgrading from an Avidyne to the Garmin Perspective, you have come to the right place. Our standard course is VFR only, but the pilot has the option of adding an IFR stage if desired. The optional IFR add-on also has the benefit of serving as the equivalent of an IPC.

Avidyne and Perspective Panels

Topics covered include:

  • PFD and MFD interpretation
  • Understanding differences in flight management systems
  • Autopilot usage
  • Systems differences
  • Navigation in the VFR environment
  • Traffic and terrain awareness

Course Averages (VFR only; IFR Add-on has no minimums)

  • 5 hours flight time (2 hours minimum)
  • 6 Cross Country Legs (4 legs minimum)
  • 4 Landings (2 landings minimum)
  • 4 hours Ground Pre/Post Time (No minimum)

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