Columbia Recurrent Training
Recurrent training is offered in the following Lancair & Columbia aircraft:
  • Columbia 300
  • Columbia 350
  • Columbia 400

Columbia Recurrent Training Courses:

More Than Just Minimum Standards…

Aircraft owners and pilots recognize that safety is not guaranteed by simply taking a flight with a CFI once every one to two years. HPA’s clients commonly request more recurrent training than what is required by the FAA. Our clients are focused on maximizing their safety and proficiency in their aircraft. Take your flying skills to the next level with our ongoing recurrent training program. We specialize in Columbia Aircraft training.

Training to Proficiency…

Rather than waiting all year for one major training event, many Columbia pilots and aircraft owners prefer to train on a three- or six-month basis. This allows them to practice new skills in their Columbia aircraft between training events while also supporting better retention of the content covered. Our quarterly program allows clients to have four training sessions per year with each session lasting 4 hours. The sessions are organized to be specifically tailored to your needs at that particular time. Some ideas for topics to cover in your next training session include WAAS, VFR maneuvers, emergency operations, IFR procedures and flight plans, engine management, and more.

Pricing details are available on our rates page.

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