Garmin Perspective

Cirrus Perspective by Garmin

The Cirrus Perspective by Garmin made its debut in 2008, giving Cirrus customers an alternative to Avidyne avionics. Based on the popular Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, the Garmin Perspective is a fully integrated avionics system featuring the popular GFC700 Autopilot and Dual AHRS system.

Available with Synthetic Vision Technology, the instrumentation is displayed across dual high-resolution 12” screens. Control is accomplished through the flight management system (FMS) keyboard controller with alphanumeric data entry. This Cirrus Perspective also has a digital Flight Director which features a Takeoff/Go-Around switch to assist the pilot by providing a visual reference during these important phases of flight.

Having trained hundreds of clients on Garmin Integrated Avionics, High Performance Aviation, LLC is very well suited to provide you with in-depth training for your new Garmin Perspective.

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