Aircraft for Sale

Browse our listings of aircraft for sale. Specializing in sales, brokerage, and acquisitions of glass-cockpit aircraft, including Cessna, Cirrus, and Columbia aircraft. If you are thinking of buying or selling an aircraft, let us take care of the details.

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Sell Your Airplane

Our brokerage services allow you to retain the value on your airplane while making the process easy and convenient. We make arrangements for creating the aircraft sales listing, photos, spec sheets, and online and print advertising. All phone calls and email inquiries are handled promptly and professionally. We qualify incoming leads and manage the sale from start to finish.

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Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Aircraft brokerage, acquisition, and aviation consulting services available for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft. Whether you are buying your first airplane or you are an experienced aviator, we can help facilitate your next aircraft transaction.

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Brandon and his team were great. Being first-plane buyers, we were totally clueless as to what went on when buying a plane. He organized one of his team to collect us at the hotel and take us the 45 odd minutes to the airfield. A great experience!

Ian Shere
Aircraft Purchase

This is why we're the best in the business, if we do say so ourselves.