Dave Charbonneau

Aircraft Sales Consultant

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Dave Charbonneau’s exposure to aviation began over 35 years ago as part of a corporate flight department for his parents’ growing business.  A Lear 35, a couple Piper Cheyennes and a Cessna 402 were flown hundreds of hours each year and a few trips would find him in the right seat taking it all in.  These experiences planted the seed of passion for aviation that would always be part of his life.

After graduating from Georgia Southern University with a BBA degree in Sales, Marketing and Management in the early 90’s, Dave went on to flight school and earned his Commercial Multi Engine ratings and Instrument certification.  He then worked for his brother’s startup company in the oil and gas industry and began a career of building a solid foundation for developing long standing relationships and meeting customer expectations with trust, honesty and integrity.

Fast forward a few years to 2017 when Dave was tasked with a project to determine the feasibility of using a business jet for the company.  Identifying the typical missions with sales and operations teams along with legal and finance groups over the course of the year proved to be an invaluable experience. Dave connected with many professionals to identify and acquire the right aircraft, for the right price that would meet the needs of various stakeholders in the company.  Once the aircraft was acquired, there were challenges of building a team and putting systems in place to operate and maintain a multi-million-dollar large cabin jet safely, efficiently and effectively.


Although aviation took a backseat to family and life in the mid 2000’s, Dave continued to keep his eye on flying airplanes and followed the incredible technological advances that were redefining cockpits – once full of countless needles, gauges and toggle switches.  In his career, Dave found increasing opportunities to understand and appreciate the sales processes at virtually all levels.  Working in an extremely technical industry gave Dave the insight that a thorough understanding of how things work was fundamental in building credibility and trust with customers and clients.  Once credibility and trust are established, then it is time to execute and go to work on finding solutions.  Putting this experience to use in understanding how an airplane fits into multiple aspects of a client’s business or personal life allows Dave the chance to make the buying or selling process of an aircraft transparent and somewhat predictable.

In 2018, Dave decided that aviation would no longer take the back seat.  With the support of his wife and two daughters, Dave made time to not only get current again, but also commit to be the most proficient pilot possible.  Adding the singe-engine Commercial rating to his ticket was a huge accomplishment after so many years out of the cockpit.  Dave is currently working on his CFI and is looking forward to helping others find their passion in aviation.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

As part of the High Performance Aviation family, Dave’s unique experiences provide a thorough, professional, value-packed experience for any company or individual planning on purchasing or selling an aircraft.

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