Dave Charbonneau

Aircraft Sales Consultant

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Dave has a long-standing connection to aviation.  Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia and having been exposed to business and corporate aviation early on ensured that the passion for anything aviation was firmly set in his formative years.  After completing college at Georgia Southern University, Dave pursued his flight training and earned commercial multi engine and instrument ratings.  The early 1990’s was not the best time for those entering the workforce as a pilot so a pivot to putting his Sales and Marketing degree to work was the beginning of an adventure in helping to build a small industrial supply company into one of the largest oil and gas equipment and services providers in the nation.  Over the years, evaluating, developing, and implementing creative strategies and tactics to meet the unique needs of C-Suite executives offered the perfect training ground to hone the skills required to traverse the diverse landscape we find in leveraging business and corporate aviation.


In 2017 Dave took on the task of identifying the feasibility of incorporating private aviation into the business in order to support sales and operational efforts in managing customers and branch locations positioned across the county.  This program began with retail charters, jet cards and dry leases culminating with the acquisition of a large cabin jet and establishment of a flight operations team supporting internal company client teams. 

In the early part of 2022, Dave earned his CFI and CFII shortly thereafter and enjoyed instructing clients of all ages about the joys of flying and all the various opportunities found in aviation.  Owning a 1980 Piper Archer II also proved an ideal firsthand learning experience with personal aircraft ownership and all the nuances that come along with that. Later in 2023, Dave began training with a large private jet company that offers fractional ownership and earned his ATP and a super midsize jet type rating.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Evaluating aircraft ownership, from small piston singles to large cabin business jets, often requires that a custom set of lenses be crafted for each of the stakeholders involved to be able to envision a successful outcome.  Dave’s unique experience in dealing with various executive teams, ultra-high net worth individuals and serial entrepreneurs can help find a path forward in the journey for aircraft owners transitioning between aircraft.

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