Training to enhance your proficiency; not just to meet minimum standards.

FAA Regulations require that pilots take a flight review at least once every 24 calendar months. Most pilots know that the flight review must include the following:

  • 1 hour flight training
  • 1 hour ground training
  • Review of Part 91 general operating and flight rules
  • Review of maneuvers and procedures to demonstrate safety

Effective Flight Reviews

The FAA has published specific guidance to ensure that flight instructors are able to conduct effective flight reviews. The guidance can be found here. In this publication, the FAA makes some very important points about the purpose of a Flight Review:

AC 61-98A states that the flight review is also intended to offer pilots the opportunity to design a personal currency and proficiency program in consultation with a certificated flight instructor (CFI). In effect, the flight review is the aeronautical equivalent of a regular medical checkup and ongoing health improvement program. Like a physical exam, a flight review may have certain “standard” features (e.g., review of specific regulations and maneuvers). However, just as the physician should tailor the exam and follow-up to the individual’s characteristics and needs, the CFI should tailor both the flight review and any follow-up plan for training and proficiency to each pilot’s skill, experience, aircraft, and personal flying goals.”

AOPA has published a “Pilot’s Guide to the Flight Review,” available here. This document contains answers to many questions that pilots frequently have about flight reviews.

Our Flight Reviews

At HPA, we believe flight reviews are for the pilot’s benefit. We use an organized syllabus for our flight reviews because we know that your time is valuable. The content covered and the time required may vary depending on your flight experience and how recently you’ve flown. For a proficient pilot, we recommend at least a 4 hour session. This will allow time for us to adequately cover ground and flight material, while also providing the opportunity to debrief thoroughly after the training. If you have been out of the cockpit for a while, we will develop a plan to help you regain proficiency.

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