Garmin G1000 NXiTraining to Proficiency…

Instrument Proficiency Checks, or IPCs, are a great way to get your instrument currency up to date. Whether you have been flying regularly or not at all, we can help you regain proficiency in your aircraft.

IPC Guidelines

The requirements for an instrument proficiency check can be found in the Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards (PTS). Although the PTS establishes the minimum standards for training, the FAA also issues guidelines for flight instructors that conduct instrument proficiency checks. Those guidelines recommend at least 90 minutes of ground time and 2 hours of flight time in order to establish a solid evaluation of the pilot’s instrument flying knowledge and skills.

Our Instrument Proficiency Checks

At HPA, we believe your IPC should challenge you and help take your instrument flying skills to the next level. We use an organized syllabus for all IPCs because we know that your time is valuable. Our goal is not just to test you, but also to enhance your understanding of the IFR environment.

Many pilots get their Instrument Rating and then forget most of what they learned because they don’t use it often enough. Our IPCs will give you the instrument refresher you have been looking for.

For a proficient instrument pilot, we typically plan on a 4 hour session to complete the ground and flight training for the IPC. If it has been a while since you have flown in the IFR environment, we can schedule a few sessions to help you brush up on your IFR skills prior to the official IPC. Either way, we will help you increase your confidence, refine your skills, and improve your understanding of IFR flying.

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