Cessna Unveils 182 Skylane NXT

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July 27, 2012

Jet A Fueled, SMA Powered C182 Announced at Oshkosh

Skylane NXT

This week at Oshkosh, Cessna unveiled the next generation C182 Skylane, known appropriately as the NXT. What’s so fancy about it? Well, Cessna has taken a leap forward in the General Aviation community by putting an SMA SR305-230E Turbo Charged, Jet A fueled engine on the latest Skylane model. By switching from the tradition Lycoming engines that all high wing Cessna’s have been powered by for decades, Cessna is ushering in the new era of Jet A fueled GA aircraft.

GA pilots out there are celebrating today and here’s why. By burning Jet A instead of 100LL, the Skylane NXT will burn 11 gallons per hour in cruise, 30-40% less than it’s Avgas burning older brother. This increases the range and, by taking less fuel, increases the payload as well. When less fuel can get you the same distance, you can take more people along.

Cessna says they will being manufacturing the Skylane NXT for the public in 2013. Follow this link to learn more about the Cessna 182 Skylane NXT. For more information on the SMA Engine and the cry for alternative fuel, click here or here.

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