Corvalis Transition Training

The Cessna 350 Corvalis and Cessna 400 Corvalis TT transition courses consist of our online ground school followed by 2-3 full days of flight training. The Corvalis Transition Training consists of a minimum of three scenario-based flights. The training will be given for IFR and VFR pilots, including basic operation, G1000 procedures, and engine management.
Formerly Columbia AircraftThis course is available for the following aircraft:

Why Are Columbia Aircraft Included on the Cessna Page?

In late 2007, Cessna purchased Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing in Bend, Oregon, and obtained the rights to their high-performance composite aircraft line, then known as the Columbia 350 and Columbia 400. After streamlining production and launching several new marketing initiatives, Cessna renamed the aircraft the Cessna 350 “Corvalis” and Cessna 400 “Corvalis TT” or twin turbo. In order to consolidate manufacturing facilities, Cessna moved the Corvalis factory from Bend, Oregon to Independence, Kansas. This allowed the Corvalis to be built alongside the rest of Cessna’s single engine piston aircraft and the Citation Mustang.

Factory Approved Training

Cessna FITS InstructorMany Columbia Aircraft owners find it difficult to locate an appropriately trained instructor for their factory approved transition course as required by most insurance companies. After Cessna purchased Columbia, the earlier “Columbia Factory Instructor” Program was discontinued and reorganized to fit within the structure of Cessna’s CFAI program. Columbia Factory Instructors were no longer recognized after Columbia was acquired by Cessna.

Instead, Cessna offered a network of Cessna FITS Accepted Instructors (later discontinued), specifically titled as a “CFAI+” that were authorized to train customers in Corvalis or Corvalis TT aircraft. Although the CFAI program has been discontinued, HPA continues to offer the same high standards of ground and flight training to our clients with highly trained instructors.

With the introduction of the Cessna TTx, Cessna no longer gives flight training at the factory in any G1000 Columbia or Corvalis aircraft, meaning that you will need to find approved training elsewhere.

High Performance Aviation instructors are qualified to teach in all single-engine Cessna piston aircraft (172, 182, 206, 350, & 400). Your training can be offered as on-site training, or while delivering your airplane en-route to your home location. If you have a busy schedule, or simply want the convenience of training at your home airport, this may be a great option for you.

We have some of the most experienced Columbia / Corvalis instructors available. Consider the value of having an experienced instructor teach you in your new Cessna Corvalis TT at your home airport.

Contact us to find out more about our Factory-Approved FITS Transition Courses.

Cessna 350 Corvalis

NOTE: Transition Training does not constitute a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) or an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). If a BFR or IPC is desired, additional time should be scheduled in advance.