Purchasing an Airplane – Deciding Your Typical Mission

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January 24, 2024
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Purchasing an Airplane: Deciding on Your Typical Mission

Purchasing an airplane is often seen as a daunting task. It involves a significant transaction, with many caveats to consider. For many passionate aviators, buying an airplane is a lifelong dream, while for others, it’s a purely business decision. Regardless of your motivation, prudence, practicality, and careful thought should be central to your decision-making process.

The allure of owning the airplane you’ve always desired can sometimes lead to hasty decisions. So, how do you find the right aircraft? How do you ensure a balanced decision that factors in practicality, operating costs, and your skill level? An excellent starting point is to first understand your typical mission. Knowing how you’ll use the aircraft makes it easier to identify suitable options and avoid impulsive choices.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Consider your typical missions, such as building flight hours instead of renting, flying to various locations for business, purely recreational flying, commuting, or commercial air transport operations. Within these missions, certain factors must be evaluated:

  • What and how much do you want to carry?
  • How far and how fast do you want to travel?
  • Do you need the redundancy of two engines?
  • What is your level of flying experience? (Important for insurance purposes)
  • How often will you fly and how much are you willing to spend?

What Will You Be Carrying and How Much?

Your needs might range from carrying your family of five and a dog for vacations to transporting industrial equipment for business. The suitability of an airplane isn’t just about capacity but also cabin configuration. Some aircraft are ideal for comfortable family cross-country flights, while others are better suited for loading equipment or cargo.

How Far Do You Want to Go and How Fast?

These questions are interlinked. Your needs might include long but not necessarily fast journeys, influencing your decision regarding acceptable fuel consumption. Aircraft with great range and speed that can also be flown more economically at slower speeds might be ideal for business, while leisure flyers might prioritize lower fuel costs over speed.

Do You Need the Redundancy of Two Engines?

Airplane engines have become more reliable, and the rise of high-performance single-engine turboprops has made twin-engine aircraft less necessary for some. However, if your missions involve night flying, mountainous terrain, or large bodies of water, a twin-engine aircraft might be safer. Remember, operating costs generally double with a twin-engine, but they offer extra safety in certain situations.

What Level of Experience Do You Have?

A private pilot with limited hours might dream of a high-performance jet, but skill and safety are paramount. Understand your experience level and comfort with different aircraft types. Training programs and certified flight instructors can significantly enhance your proficiency in your chosen aircraft. Note that insurance companies often require a certain level of experience or qualifications like an instrument rating.

How Often Will You Fly and How Much Do You Want to Spend?

The frequency of your flights will help determine your budget for operational costs. An older aircraft might be less expensive initially but could require more maintenance. Consider the availability of spare parts and qualified mechanics for your chosen aircraft.

Final Considerations

Think about whether you’ll need to reposition the aircraft to your home base. You might fly it yourself or hire a ferry pilot for convenience. Purchasing an airplane can be a highly rewarding experience when done correctly. Always enlist an experienced airframe and powerplant mechanic for inspections and seek advice from pilots familiar with the aircraft type.

High Performance Aviation, LLC helps airplane owners buy the right aircraft. Our experts will guide you through a buying action plan to find the perfect airplane. Schedule a call today to start your journey.

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