Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset: A Pilot’s Perspective

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November 30, 2018

Bose ProFlight Headset: A Detailed Review

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Bose has unveiled what they claim to be their smallest, lightest, and most comfortable noise-cancelling aviation headset ever—the ProFlight. This innovative product is the company’s first new aviation headset since the launch of the popular A20 in 2010. The ProFlight is designed with active noise cancellation for airline and corporate aircraft flight decks, emphasizing long-term comfort for extended flights. Its design, which has led to more than 30 US patents, showcases Bose’s commitment to innovation.

The ProFlight’s digital active noise cancellation helps to reduce ambient noise, permitting pilots to keep radio volume lower and preserve their hearing. It features a user-friendly tap control for talk-through communication, allowing for seamless interaction with passengers and crew outside the intercom. The headset’s compatibility is extensive, supporting various TSO certified avionics systems, and it’s both FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified.

Weighing in at a mere 4.9 ounces, the ProFlight does not compromise on connectivity, offering Bluetooth integration for mobile devices, audio systems, and electronic flight bags. The mix of Bluetooth audio with intercom audio is facilitated by audio prioritization features, and the noise-cancelling mic is designed to enhance clarity and reduce background noise during communication.


  • Dimensions/Weight: 8.43″ H x 6.34″ W x 3.15″ D; 4.9 oz
  • Connectivity: Available in twin plug, 5-pin XLR, 7-pin XLR, or 6-pin LEMO plug configurations
  • Battery Life: Up to 45+ hours (Bluetooth off)
  • In the Box: ProFlight Headset, carrying case, AA batteries, control module holder, StayHear+ Sport tips, and aircraft connector

Pilots have the flexibility to choose from various configurations, ensuring the ProFlight fits into a wide array of flight decks. Whether it’s the commonly used dual G/A plug or the 6-pin LEMO connector, the headset is adaptable to both civilian and military needs.

ProFlight Versus A20:

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While the ProFlight is a significant step forward, it doesn’t necessarily eclipse the A20. Each has its domain: the A20 for louder, non-pressurized cabins, and the ProFlight for quieter, pressurized environments. The latter brings a novel approach with its in-ear design, significantly reducing weight without compromising on the features Bose headsets are known for, such as Bluetooth capability and audio prioritization.

The Bose Legacy in Aviation Headsets

Bose’s history of pioneering active noise reduction headsets spans over a quarter-century, with a track record of excellence in various demanding environments, from military operations to the NFL. With global support and expertise, Bose continues to innovate, providing pilots with tools that match their mission needs.

Which Headset Suits Your Mission?

Choosing the right headset is crucial and depends on your flight conditions. Whether it’s the all-rounder A20 or the specialized ProFlight, Bose ensures that pilots can find their perfect match for clear communication and comfort.

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