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May 2, 2012
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Boerne, TX-They’ve done it! After several years of meticulous designing, extensive pro- totyping, and thorough testing, Texas Skyways latest and most exciting engine mod- ification is the installation of the famed Continental Top Induction, Tuned Injection 310 Horsepower IO- 550-N engine into the newer Cessna 182 S & T aircraft. The modification will include installing a Hartzell three blade “Buccaneer” propeller with an 82” diameter.

Results of the modification on Texas Skyways’ own 182S have surpassed even their expectations. They consistently achieve impressive 400’ takeoff rolls with a rate of climb of over 1800 FPM and top speeds in excess of 200 MPH. The flight is extremely smooth, quiet, and vibration free. Remarkable? Yes. Extraordinary? Definitely. Exciting and inspiring? Without a doubt!

When you are looking for power, performance, and return on investment, Continental is the answer. In their modification, Texas Skyways switched the Lycoming IO-540 and heavier IO- 580 engines for the lighter weight, more powerful Continental IO-550. With the Continental, you enjoy additional benefits such as ease of maintenance, less expense at overhaul time, and a very modern engine as used in the Cirrus, Lancair and Cessna 400 Corvalis TT.

The engine has six point vibration isolators, not just the standard four points. The engine mount is extremely rigid, eliminating the harmonics of the engine and mount. The vibration isolators can do their job without having to contend with engine, airframe, and mount harmonies.

The Continental engine sits 7.5” further rearward than the Lycoming. This reduces the overhang load on the firewall while the CG moves forward about one inch. The 7.5” hub extension on the Hartzell Buccaneer prop allows the rearward positioning of the engine. With this design and positioning, there is ample room for maintenance and the engine fits with only minor cowling modifications.

The conversion price from Lycoming to Continental will be more than overhauling the Lycoming but it will be far less than trading for a new Cirrus or Bonanza. You will see a return on investment through lower maintenance costs, longer TBO, better engine performance, and improved gas mileage. And you’ll certainly get to your destination faster.

With the fleet of Cessna 182 S and T models aging, and the Lycoming engines nearing TBO and crankshaft AD deadline, Texas Skyways has another real winner – one that will bring your aircraft to a new level of performance, power, and innovation.

Contact Texas Skyways to pre-order your modification today! Call 1-800-899-7597 for more information or check us out on the web at www.txskyways.com.

See the video of what Texas Skyways does, here.

The below video shows a demonstration between a Cessna 182 with an O-470 and a Texas Skyways modified Cessna 182 with an O-550 engine.

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