Scan Your Aircraft’s Logbooks with Your Cell Phone

High Performance Aviation

June 5, 2024

In this step-by-step guide, Courtney from High Performance Aviation reveals the secret to preserving and protecting your aircraft’s logbooks and value. Learn how to scan your important documents into searchable PDFs using just your cell phone, ensuring your records are secure, organized, and easily accessible.

Missing logbooks can significantly reduce the value of your airplane by thousands of dollars. By digitizing your logbooks, you not only protect their value but also ensure that all your important records are easy to access, organize, and share. Plus, in the unfortunate event that your logs are lost or destroyed, you’ll have a backup to easily recreate those critical records.

In this video, you’ll learn:
How to find and download a high-quality scanner app.
Step-by-step instructions for scanning your logbooks using your smartphone.
Tips for organizing and saving your scanned documents.
How to share your digitized logbooks.
Best practices for handling documents with multiple staples and attached items to ensure they stay in their original condition.

Join me as I walk you through the entire process, from choosing the right app to scanning, editing, and organizing your documents. I’ll also demonstrate how to carefully handle logbook pages with multiple staples and documents attached, so you can scan each item individually while keeping everything in its original condition. With these simple steps, you can digitize your aircraft logbooks and keep them safe, organized, and accessible.

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. Always consult a certified flight instructor before attempting any maneuvers. We are not liable for the use of this information.