Stuart JacksonJAA CPL MEP MEIR ATP(f) CAA Fl(a) Fl(aero)


Stuart Jackson is a JAA Multi-Engine Commercial, Instrument, ATP(f) and CAA CFI with an aerobatics instructor rating. His wide-ranging knowledge of general aviation spans multiple countries. Stuart has extensive professional aviation experience that includes customer service, line service, maintenance, dispatch, commercial and private flying, flight instruction, part 135 charter operations, part 91 operations, aircraft management, business development, aircraft sales, and air traffic control instruction.


Stuart graduated from the Pilot Training College of Ireland and Florida Institute of Technology Aviation’s FAA/JAA commercial pilot training program in 2010. He graduated with a JAA MEP, MEIR, CPL and ATPL(f). Continuing his flight training, Stuart gained experience through MMC/JOC courses, simulator training, high altitude depressurization training and supplementary human factors courses. He later gained his CAA fixed wing instructor rating, with aerobatic instructor approval. He has continued his education in business and entrepreneurship.


After graduating from college in Ireland and Florida, and while continuing training, Stuart held multiple positions in the United Kingdom as an ATC training assistant and simulator operator, flight school scheduler/management assistant, line service professional, aerobatic pilot and flight instructor.

Since moving to the United States to be with his family, he has worked in Part 91/135 aircraft management, Part 135 on-demand charter, charter sales/brokerage, fleet management and aircraft sales with special focus in the areas of quality control management and business development.


Stuart has a consuming passion for every aspect of aviation. He took his first commercial flight at 6 months old and has never looked back. Born in Kuwait to British parents, he has lived in the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and the United States. Having travelled even further for business and pleasure, Stuart takes pride in being a citizen of the world. His greatest passion is found in the joy that aviation brings to others and seeing how it brings people together.