Joshua Best
Aircraft Sales Associate

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Joshua Best’s intrigue for Aviation began as a kid frequently flying across the North Atlantic. His parents contracted with the Department of Defense as educators, requiring many flights back and forth from Europe. The notion that he could be one of those pilots in the cockpit seemed much more of a foreign concept to him than living overseas.


Joshua Best’s professional career began in Education where he worked in the Texas Public School System for 15 years as a coach, teacher and administrator, but fortuitously transitioned into Aviation in 2018 when he began learning how to fly in a bright red 1941 Porterfield. Flying always appealed to his passions for travel and adventure.

Over the past four years he has experienced exponential professional growth and numerous personal opportunities, including a North Atlantic ferry to deliver a Meridian to France. He worked diligently to add his private, instrument and commercial ratings while managing the buyer agent/broker services for Casey Aviation, Inc. He quickly found that his previous career in education dovetails nicely into the “heart-of-a-teacher” requirement for helping people get where they want to go in Aviation.

Joshua holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a Commercial Pilot currently pursuing his CFI rating and has accumulated 450 Hours of Total Time. (300 Hours PIC, 102 Turbine, 363 Hours ASEL, 74 Hours AMEL, 339 Complex Hours, 408 Hours of High Performance, 334 RG Hours, and 15 Hours of Tailwheel.)

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Josh brings to the table a vast amount of knowledge in all things PA46 including Malibus, Mirages, Matrixes, Meridians, M600’s and JetPROPs. The market has drastically changed in the last four years, but he has been in the market daily assisting over 80 customers to get where they want to go. He looks forward to serving clients well with his commitment to providing a professional experience.