Gentry Shelton is a graduate from Oklahoma State University with degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He has been instructing students and aircraft owners in a variety of aircraft since 2005, and is certified as CFI, CFII, MEI, and CSIP.


Gentry graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2013 with a Masters in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. While working on his thesis, which focused on flight test engineering, he helped teach students the principles of flight test by assisting students with their assignments, flying the students in the test aircraft, and gathering additional flight test data with the course test pilot.


While in college and throughout his engineering career, Gentry has taken the opportunity to assist pilots in achieving their desired goals from private to multi-engine commercial ratings. As a previous flight school and aircraft owner, Gentry has an understanding of the challenges and needs that come with aircraft ownership.

Gentry is factory certified by Cirrus Aircraft as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP), allowing him to provide initial and recurrent training courses to Cirrus owners. He also trains owners in Columbia, Cessna Corvalis, and TTx aircraft.


I just purchased a new TTX, and wanted to train with the group with the best reputation and undoubtedly it was the HPA group. The course certainly lived up to its reputation and I highly recommend it to anyone considering transitioning to a high-performance airplane.

Tach Bhati
Cessna TTx Initial Transition Training