Tailwheel Training Endorsement

Go back to the basics of aviation and learn how to fly a taildragger in the iconic Citabria tailwheel aircraft. If you’re already a pilot and you want to improve your stick and rudder skills, this is the way to do it while having fun. Also known as a conventional gear aircraft, a tailwheel airplane is, as any old-timer pilot would tell you, one of best ways to become a better pilot. Our advanced tailwheel training will help take your flying to the next level in only 3 days.

About the Airplane

The Bellanca Citabria (7GCBC) is a 1977 fabric covered two-seat tandem aircraft with a center-stick control and 150 HP Lycoming engine.Tailwheel Endorsement - Citabria Instrument Panel

Our Citabria does not have a GPS, a glass cockpit, an air conditioner or even an autopilot. It is a VFR-only airplane that is designed for fun flying while challenging you to learn valuable “stick and rudder” skills. You will regain some of the basic flight and navigation skills so quickly forgotten in modern aircraft. Remember the terms “pilotage”, “dead-reckoning”, and “looking at a map”. We will reintroduce all these terms to you during the course of your training. You will get to land on grass runways and experience true “soft field” landings. If you have only flown tricycle gear airplanes, you are in for a real treat with the challenge and excitement of getting your tailwheel endorsement.

Why Learn to Fly a Tailwheel Aircraft?

A tailwheel aircraft allows pilots to challenge their flying skills in an aircraft that requires precise aileron and rudder coordination. Learning 3-point and wheel landings increases your handling and control of the aircraft in close proximity to the ground, while working towards achieving that perfect greased landing.

I Own a Tricycle Gear Airplane – Why Would I Want a Tailwheel Endorsement?

You might have the latest technology or the fastest airplane on the market, but flying a tailwheel can have a positive effect on all your flying. You will work towards proficiency flying low and slow with precision, while improving your aircraft control, crosswind landings, and you will learn new landing techniques not possible with tricycle gear airplanes.

Tailwheel Endorsement Transition Package – 3 days

Our accelerated tailwheel training is a 3 day course including up to 15 hours of flight time. A tailwheel endorsement will be given to clients who reach proficiency. All flight time will be with an instructor. Solo operations are not offered.

Location – Advanced Tailwheel Training in Houston, Texas

This course is offered at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport in Conroe, Texas (KCXO), based at Galaxy FBO. This airplane is one of the only airplanes available in the North Houston area for tailwheel training.

Tailwheel Endorsement - Citabria

Accelerated Tailwheel Training Endorsement Course Overview

Day 1:

  • Tailwheel Aircraft Introduction
  • Tailwheel Endorsement Overview
  • Preflight Procedures
  • Attitude Flying
  • Tailwheel Landing Techniques
  • Performance & Limitations
  • Weight & Balance
  • Rudder Usage
  • Taxiing Procedures
  • Slips
  • Go-Arounds
  • Climbs / Descents / Straight & Level
  • Steep Turns
  • Slow Flight
  • Stall Recoveries
  • Coordination Exercises
  • Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings

Day 2:

  • Wheel Landings
  • 3-Point Landings
  • Go Arounds
  • Short Field Takeoffs and Landings
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Engine Failure Considerations
  • Power Off 180

Day 3:

  • Cross-Country Adventure Flight
  • Flight Planning using Traditional Flight Planning and Navigation Techniques
  • Pilotage Dead-Reckoning
  • Final Review for Tailwheel Endorsement

Who Should Get a Tailwheel Endorsement?

  • Any pilot desiring greater proficiency (must have Private certificate or better)
  • Airplane owners wanting to improve their stick and rudder skills
  • Pilots needing a tailwheel endorsement
  • Potential owners of tailwheel aircraft
  • Pilots wanting to fly for fun!

Who This Course is Not For:

  • Pilots wanting to rent a tailwheel airplane for solo operations
  • Students without a pilot license
  • Students wanting aerobatics training

For more information on getting your Tailwheel Endorsement, contact us today!

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The Bellanca Citabria (7GCBC) is a 1977 fabric covered two-seat tandem aircraft with a center-stick control and 150 HP Lycoming engine.

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