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High Performance Aviation, LLC is now offering insurance-approved transition training in the Diamond DA62.

Diamond DA62 Transition Training (3 Days)

The Diamond DA62 is a new light twin on the market that incorporates advanced avionics, advanced airframe design, and advanced powerplant design.  HPA offers airframe specific training for this new and exciting aircraft.

The Diamond DA62 Initial Transition Training is a three-day course of instruction designed to transition current and proficient multi-engine pilots into a Diamond DA62.  Successful completion of all course objectives will result in a certificate of completion.

This course covers the following items:

  • Operational characteristics
  • Takeoffs, landings, and maneuvers
  • Avionics and autopilot usage
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management
  • Flight planning and cross country procedures
  • Abnormal and emergency procedures
  • One Engine Inoperative maneuvering and procedures
  • Avionics malfunctions and abnormalities
  • Ground training on aircraft systems

Diamond DA62 Multi-Engine Add-on (5 Days)

This course includes all subject material included in DA62 Transition Training, as well as preparation for a Private or Commercial Multi-Engine Add On Practical Exam.

Additional topics covered in this course of instruction include:

  • Complex and Multi-Engine Systems
  • Multi-Engine Aerodynamics and Critical Engine Theory
  • One Engine Inoperative Theory
  • Training on all tasks and knowledge items contained in the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards or the Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards, as appropriate.

Upon completion of the Multi-Engine Add-on course, the pilot will have his logbook endorsed to take the Private or Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on practical test.  Additionally, HPA will assist in scheduling the practical test, if desired.

Diamond DA62 Training