Cirrus Recurrent Training

Improve Safety. Increase Proficiency.

Even the most experienced pilots recognize the need for ongoing training to increase safety and proficiency in their aircraft. Insurance companies typically require Cirrus owners to complete their training with a factory approved Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP). Our programs can help you meet the requirements of your insurance and the FAA, as well as your personal training goals. Several options are available, such as WINGS approved training or the Cirrus Recurrent Check Cycle. Courses can be customized to meet your personal goals and scheduling preferences.

Cirrus Recurrent Check Cycle

With Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), pilots are now able to safely fly more complex missions in their personal planes. As capabilities have improved, so has the distance our aircraft are able to cover in a given flight. This brings the possibility of encountering multiple weather systems and a variety of unfamiliar airspace and terrain. To keep up with these changes in technology, regulations, and capabilities, pilots are encouraged to proactively pursue ongoing training. This training is available for the Cirrus SR20, SR22, Turbo, or Turbo-Normalized aircraft.

“The Recurrent Check Cycle is designed to allow a pilot to follow an alternating training sequence. Following initial training, a 90 Day Refresher course is recommended with subsequent adherence to a six month recurrent check schedule.

“If followed, this sequence could permit a flight review and an IPC on an annual basis while accomplishing recurrent Cirrus training. It is not necessary to complete a flight review or an IPC with this training model. Non instrument-rated pilots should utilize the instrument procedures portion of Schedule A to maintain basic attitude instrument flying skills.” (Reference: Cirrus Syllabus Suite, Cirrus Design 2011)

Cirrus Recurrent Training Cycle90 Day Refresher Course (½ Day of Training)

  • 90 days after completion of initial Cirrus transition training
  • Refine skills from initial transition training
  • Course focuses heavily on:
    • Landing accuracy
    • Review of normal procedures
    • Basic aircraft handling

Six Month Recurrency Check

Complete every 6 months on an alternating cycle. Following Schedule A and B will permit an:

  • IPC once a year
  • BFR once a year

Focus Items For Schedule A (1 Day of Training)

  • 6 months after initial Cirrus transition training
  • Landing accuracy
  • Instrument currency (basic attitude instrument flying if not instrument rated)
  • Abnormal operations
  • Scenario based training
  • CFIT avoidance
  • Assessment of SRM skills
  • Re-establishing personal minimums
Cirrus Six Month Recurrency Check

Focus Items for Schedule B (1 Day of Training)

  • 12 months after initial Cirrus transition training
  • Tasks necessary for flight review
  • Landing safety and accuracy, including non-standard landings
  • Scenario based training
  • CFIT avoidance
  • Assessment of SRM skills
  • Re-establishing personal minimums


Cirrus and High Performance Aviation highly encourage Cirrus pilots to follow this recurrent training plan. It has been specifically designed to increase Cirrus pilots’ safety and proficiency in their aircraft. Proficient pilots are safer pilots and safety is every pilot’s top responsibility.

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