Cirrus Airframe and Power Plant Differences Training
This one day factory approved course is designed to transition Cirrus pilots into a Cirrus SR22 (if upgrading from an SR20) or a turbo-normalized SR22 (if upgrading from a normally aspirated SR22). Pilots that have previously completed transition training in a SR20 or normally aspirated SR22 equipped with a glass cockpit should use this course to learn the operational differences of the SR22 or turbonormalized SR22.

Topics covered include:

  • Operational differences between power plants and airframes including performance and handling differences
  • High altitude flight, if upgrading to a turbo or turbo-normalized engine
  • Engine management for all phases of flight
  • Developing a solid foundation of aircraft systems knowledge highlighting the power plant and electrical power generation
  • Managing a higher performance aircraft
  • Landing and maneuvering your new aircraft safely, consistently, and confidently

Course Averages

  • 5 hours flight time (2 hours minimum)
  • 4 Cross Country Legs (3 legs minimum)
  • 6 Landings (4 landings minimum)
  • 2.5 hours Ground Pre/Post Time (No minimum)

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