Professional Aircraft Brokerage Services

Considering selling your aircraft? Let us take care of the details.

Our brokerage services allows you to obtain the maximum value of your airplane while making the selling process easy and convenient. We make all of the necessary arrangements for creating the aircraft sales listing; including shooting photos, writing spec sheets, and posting online and print advertisements. All phone calls and email inquiries are handled promptly and professionally while we qualify all incoming leads. As you can see, we fully manage the sale from start to finish.

HPA’s aircraft sales transactions are processed through approved aviation escrow companies who manage title reports, FAA registration, bill of sale, and transfer of title.

Benefits of Aircraft Brokerage

  • You can continue using the airplane while it is listed for sale.
  • Worldwide advertising; both online and in print
  • You retain the right to accept or decline any offers made for your airplane.
  • Our commission arrangements align with your financial interests. We are motivated to sell your airplane for top dollar.
  • Potential sales tax benefits may exist for buyers. Sales between individuals may have beneficial tax implications when compared to direct sales from dealers.
  • Get the experience and performance of the HPA team working on your side
  • HPA can handle all arrangements for demo flights, delivery and training. Brokerage clients simply collect payment for their aircraft once the transaction is complete.

What’s My Plane Worth?

Contact us today for a free estimate of the value of your airplane. We use industry standard best practices valuation software that utilizes real sales data to give you an approximate range for the value of your aircraft.