Aircraft managementService Overview

Our professional aircraft management services bring convenience back to the life of the aircraft owner. It’s finally possible to enjoy more flying with less stress from the day-to-day management of your aircraft. And, of course, safety is paramount. HPA will help ensure that your airplane is maintained and serviced to meet and exceed the standards of the FAA and the aircraft’s manufacturer.

The aircraft management program is fully customizable to meet your needs and expectations. We are pleased to offer the following services within our program.

Flight Time Monitoring and Record Keeping

HPA will monitor aircraft and engine use times for all required tracking and recommended maintenance tasks. All maintenance information will be made available to the pilot and owner for monitoring the current aircraft status.

Servicing and Flight Preparation

In addition to tracking the state of the aircraft and its components, we will track the status of the various subscriptions associated with any advanced equipment in your airplane. These can include GPS navigation databases, terrain and obstacle databases, weather and datalink subscriptions, electronic navigation charts and services along with those paper charts, POH and other aircraft and systems reference manuals. Our services include updating all of these systems as revisions are issued and ensuring that each database and reference manual in the airplane is current and contains up to date information. If desired, we can also coordinate professional aircraft cleaning and/or detailing at regular intervals to keep your airplane shining like new.

Cirrus EngineAircraft Maintenance Management

The aircraft’s time will be cataloged in written and electronic form, including annual inspections, warranty items for aircraft and components, IFR equipment currency and recertification, battery life, tires, engine(s), magnetos, generators, alternators, vacuum pumps, and hose life.
HPA will track manufacturer alerts and service bulletins for the airframe, powerplant, accessories, and avionics to ensure ongoing compliance with airworthiness requirements. We track and catalog maintenance issues that arise between scheduled maintenance intervals and work with the owner to ensure that all items are addressed in the manner each owner prefers.

We schedule and oversee maintenance activities on behalf of the owner to ensure that the owner receives full value for services rendered and we actively participate with the maintenance facility on any warranty or part availability issues.


We provide the owner with detailed reporting each month including flight reports, monthly activity summaries and other, customizable reports to support accounting and business needs.

Flight Crew Services

Whether you need a flight instructor, safety pilot, or a full-time professional pilot, HPA can assist with the coordination and scheduling of FAA-certified pilots and CFIs to meet your needs. Your airplane is a tool that buys time and convenience. Let our pilots fly you, your family or friends to your favorite destinations in the comfort of your own plane

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Aircraft brokerage, acquisition, and aviation consulting services available for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft. Whether you are buying your first airplane or you are an experienced aviator, we can help facilitate your next aircraft transaction.

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Flight Training

Flight training is available for the Cessna, Cirrus, Columbia aircraft and more! Our scenario-based training courses will help you gain proficiency in a real-world environment. We offer factory-approved training that meets insurance requirements.

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About Us

At High Performance Aviation, we focus exclusively on providing professional services to aircraft owners. Our areas of expertise include advanced pilot training, aircraft management, aircraft brokerage and acquisition consulting.

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