Familiar and Convenient Personalized Training

Are you located somewhere outside the Greater Houston area? Considering High Performance Aviation for your training event but not sure if it’s worth coming down to Southeast Texas? That is not a problem for HPA, we can make arrangements to meet you at your home airport. Many clients have received personalized training from our instructors right from their local airport and have enjoyed the ability to learn in a comfortable, natural environment. It’s understandable to have reservations about coming to a new area to begin a transition course or avionics training, let us help you feel at ease.


  • Feel comfortable about the local airspace and weather while embarking on a transition course.
  • Have the luxury of training during the day and still going home at the end of the day.
  • Save transit time for you and your aircraft by letting us come to you.
  • No need to make arrangements at work, at school, or at home for your absence while training.

To find more information about our services and discover how we can make training at your airport a reality, Contact Us!