Exploring the Garmin G1000 PFD: Focus on the Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

High Performance Aviation

April 25, 2024

Garmin G1000 PFD:
Horizontal Situation Indicator

Welcome to your Essential Guide on Utilizing the Garmin G1000 Electronic Checklists.

Join Randy DeLong from High Performance Aviation as he provides a detailed walkthrough of the G1000 Primary Flight Display (PFD), with special attention to the Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). This tutorial is ideal for aviators aiming to enhance their navigation skills with this essential instrument.

In this video, Randy breaks down the HSI’s components and functions, including the Directional Gyro, Course Deviation Indicator, and the handling of Heading and Course Knobs. Viewers will learn about setting and interpreting the Heading Bug, utilizing Bearing Pointers, and managing NAV sources on both Legacy G1000 and NXi systems. Randy also demonstrates these features in a simulated flight scenario, showcasing how to navigate effectively using real-time data.

This guide is perfect for both novice pilots and seasoned flyers looking to refine their navigation techniques. Don’t forget to leave your questions or comments below, and let us know if there are other G1000 features you’d like us to explore in future videos!


Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. Always consult a certified flight instructor before attempting any maneuvers. We are not liable for the use of this information.