Q4 Cessna CJ Review – CitationJet CE-525 Market

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November 19, 2022

Cessna CitationJet CJ CE-525 Market Analysis – Q4 2022

by Randy DeLong

If you are in the market for a CitationJet (straight CJ), you have probably noticed the price increase over the last 18 months. I have been monitoring the Cessna CitationJet market over the last 8 months and the asking price is going from $1.4-$2.5 million USD. The price variable depends on several details including engine maintenance program status, avionics, DOC 10 inspection status, damage history, ownership history, airframe time, and operating conditions and location.

CitationJet Engine Maintenance Programs and Costs

Engine Maintenance programs for the most part on the CitationJet use TAP Blue and TAP Elite. JSSI has a maintenance program and also has a tip to tail program that it charges an hourly rate to streamline cost. At the writing of this article, I do not have a JSSI price point. The primary difference between the TAP Blue and TAP Elite is that TAP blue covers repairs for FOD and corrosion, while TAP Elite only covers cost of normal maintenance. The difference in cost of the 2 programs is minimal while the TAP blue is around $158 an hour, the TAP Elite is around $155. Makes you wonder why an operator would ever go for the Elite program. But back to the purchase of a CitationJet, if the aircraft is on an engine program the asking price is higher. For instance, I found that a 1995 CitationJet, low time on the engines, (1300 HRS SMOH) not on an engine program, had an asking price of $1.4 Million, while a similar CitationJet on an engine program was asking $1.7 Million. To bring the lower price CitationJet engines on to the TAP Blue program would cost $407,000.

DOC 10 is another item that is important to look at when purchasing a used CitationJet CE-525. The base price of a DOC 10 inspection has been quoted at $60,000, this would include normal items but not any discrepancies found in the inspection. The real cost usually ranges from $80,000-$130,000 from discussion with operators I have talked with. Although substantial, the DOC 10 seems to be a much lower cost item than the engine program.

If the aircraft has been maintained well, the time does not make a large difference in price. Avionics vary from what was on the plane when purchased new, to complete panel changes such as the Garmin G1000 CJ upgrade and everything in between. Most CitationJet operators want at least ADSB in and out, WAAS with LPV capability, and RVSM capability.

One last item to consider is where the plane has been operated. The US and Europe bring the higher prices mostly because operators trust the quality of maintenance and crew operations found in these countries.

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