Lightspeed Headsets: Wired or Wireless?

High Performance Aviation

December 20, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner. Do you need an idea for the pilot or right seat partner in your life?

Check out these Lightspeed headsets that offer remarkable performance and have a multitude of advanced features at a great price. Lightspeed was ranked #1 in the latest Professional Pilot Headset Preference Survey, so whether you choose the wired Zulu.2 ANR headset or the Tango® wireless headset, you can’t go wrong.

Zulu.2 ANR Headset – Classic Quality

The Zulu.2 headset is the choice of private pilots all around the world. It delivers all the features you expect in a high-end headset, including full Bluetooth integration. What most pilots love about the Zulu.2 is the comfort, clarity and audio fidelity.

Tango® ANR Wireless Headset – Untethered Freedom

Tango® is the first premium wireless aviation headset, so if you are looking to clear up clutter in the cockpit or just have a right seat partner who moves around the cabin (or kids) you will appreciate this headset. It delivers outstanding noise cancellation and comfort, as well as full Bluetooth integration, and of course, wireless convenience.

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