Exclusive Services for Aircraft Owners

At High Performance Aviation, we focus exclusively on providing professional services to aircraft owners. Our areas of expertise include advanced pilot training, aircraft management, aircraft brokerage, and acquisition consulting.

Customized Flight Training

High Performance Aviation LLC is the premier provider of customized flight training for aircraft owner-pilots in the Houston area. We specialize in Cessna, Columbia and Cirrus training with the Garmin G1000 and many other avionics suites. Our training can provide you with the skills you need to operate your new or used aircraft with confidence, precision, and the utmost in safety.

Improve Safety. Increase Proficiency.

Most insurance companies and flight schools will require that you complete approved transition training for glass cockpit aircraft. Your G1000 checkout is important for your safety and proficiency as a pilot. In addition to G1000 training, we provide training in a variety of aircraft and avionics systems.

What Can We Do For You?

Our typical clients are aircraft owners of late-model glass cockpit aircraft equipped with Avidyne or Garmin G1000 avionics. Many clients have hundreds of hours of flight experience and have tried several flight instructors, only to discover that they were the ones teaching their instructors how to use the avionics.

The per-hour cost might be lower at a flight school, but the total time required to gain proficiency will be higher in the long-run. You would not risk buying the cheapest airplane on the market…do not risk learning from the cheapest instructor on the market. If you really want to understand your airplane and its avionics, hire an expert to oversee your training. It will take less time and you will benefit from increased safety, efficiency, and comfort in your aircraft.

Aircraft Management

Our professional aircraft management services make aircraft ownership vastly more convenient. Aircraft owners can enjoy more flying with less stress brought on by the day-to-day management of their aircraft. Whether you are a pilot or a passenger, we can help you discover and realize the full potential of your airplane.

Aircraft Sales and Acquisition Consulting

If you are looking to buy or sell a high quality aircraft, we can help facilitate the next aircraft transaction. We have helped numerous clients buy and sell airplanes both domestically and internationally. We will walk you through each step of the process and make sure you get the best value for your purchase or sale.

Where Do We Operate?

Training is provided at your location of choice, anywhere in the country. High Performance Aviation LLC is based in Houston, Texas and our expertise is focused on Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and their owners. Because of the advanced nature of these aircraft, rentals are not available.

We have two convenient locations in the Houston area. One is at Sugar Land Regional Airport – KSGR (20 minutes southwest of Houston) and the other can be found at Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport – KCXO (15 minutes north of The Woodlands). However, High Performance Aviation has provided training to clients throughout the United States and is willing to travel to your location at your convenience.

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